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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Malaysia 's 50 th Independence Day Anniversary

Come 2007, Malaysia will celebrate 50 years of independence. The month of August will be filled with a myriad of parades, cultural performances, street shows and carnivals to commemorate the country's Independence or Merdeka Day on 31 August.

It was on 31 August 1957 that history was made as the Union Jack was lowered and the Malaysian flag hoisted, with the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj leading the people in the famous shouts of Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

For more than 30 years, Merdeka Day celebrations have been marked by parades involving uniformed personnel, corporate players, school children, cultural dancers, athletes and Malaysians from all walks of life. However, in recent years, the event has grown into a much anticipated and exciting month-long length celebration nationwide.

This forthcoming Golden Jubilee celebration marks a significant milestone in the history of the nation. Join the enthusiastic crowd at the Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur on the eve of Merdeka Day for the countdown to the momentous event. Another highlight of the year will be the Citrawarna or Colours and Flavours of Malaysia parade, an annual event showcasing the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the country. The event will be held on its grandest scale yet.

Malaysia invites all visitors to share in the joy and excitement of this momentous occasion. Come and be mesmerized by a unique multicultural populace celebrating 50 years of nationhood in harmony and peaceful co-existance. You will truly be fascinated.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Connect With The MOST Important Person In The World.... YOU!

Dearest friends from all over the world,

Join Us on a Journey of Connections

to Yourself & the World

at the Life Mastery Retreat 2006

@Taman Negara, Premiere National Park, Pahang, Malaysia

15th – 18th September, 2006

Life Mastery Retreat 2006 is set in the heart of an ancient natural habitat, surrounded by waterfalls,

jungle trails with lush flora and fauna, wildlife and raging rivers. Older than the Congo AND the Amazon, the tropical rainforest of Taman Negara is more than 130 millions years of age, making it the oldest in the world today.

COME NOW... Begin YOUR Journey with us.

Imagine having fellowship with friends

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Become part of an International Master Minding Circle

where IDEAS and BRILLIANCE flourish.


Indulge in FUN & RELAXATION,

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spirit, mind, body and soul!

EXPERIENCE balance in your life;

Spiritually, Intellectually, Emotionally & Physically.

JOURNEY Into a CLOSE ENCOUNTER with yourself.

Begin Your Journey Now…..

Monday, July 17, 2006

Putra Jaya Picture photo - Night time

Putrajaya is very impressive at night. Here're some of the best photos taken during my current visit to Putrajaya.

A Blog of putra jaya

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Relaxing On the Lake

For the best views of Putrajaya, get on board a boat and take a cruise around the lake, writes ZALINA MOHD SOM

If you have ever been on the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, you'd agree that its "The Best Way to See and Experience Putrajaya" tagline is no mere empty advertisement.

The vast man‑made lake is the city's centrepiece that spreads over 400 hectares, across the different precincts and is beautifully‑lined with architectural wonders.

A lake cruise gives a 360‑degree view of the city's stunning landmarks without having to crisscross over the many bridges.

Not only that but the wind in your hair and the light spray of water turns the cruise into a romantic experience no one should miss.

The Route

There are two routes used alternately, depending on seasons or water level.

One heads towards the wetiands from the jetty at Putra Bridge, offering sights of Putra Mosque, Perdananan Putra, Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, Istana Melawati and Seri Perdana Complex.

The second moves south along the Boulevard pass buildings. like PjH Tower, Ministry of Finance, Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex and Perdana Leadership Foundation. The south‑bound cruise also makes a stop at the towering Millennium Monument.

The Vessel

Passengers have the choice of a passenger cruise boat or a gondola like vessel. The Belimbing Passenger Cruise Boat is a fully air‑conditioned cruise boat that seats 76 passengers. But for a romantic ambience, nothing beats the Dondang Saying Perahu. Designed in the style of a traditional Malay perahu, the boat offers a more intimate ride for a capacity of only six passengers.

Another cruise experience 1 s the Daun Dining Cruise Boat which offers fine dining whilst afloat on the lake. A Cocktail Cruise is available on Friday and Saturday nights for a booking of two persons and above.

Monday, March 27, 2006

"Second Home" under tourism

PUTRAJAYA: the Tourism Ministry will take charge of the 'Malaysia, My Second Home" Programme from April. It is cunently under the Home Ministry.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said the Cabinet made the decision recently.

However, he added, his ministry would still be involved in the programme, through visa applications as well as other immigration procedures and enforcement.

The Tourism Ministry will carry out the promotions for the Programme as well as vet applications.

"This is a Successful programme and we look forward to having more foreigners choosing Malaysia is their second home," he told reporters yesterday after a meeting with his ministry staff and senior officials. his fisrt since becoming the minister on Feb 14.

Radzi said about 8,000 foreigners had signed up for the programme since its inception in 2002.

On his new appointment, Radzi said he needed some time to look into matters under his ministry, adding that his focus ,would be on immigration and immigrant matters.

“I will meet my officers to discuss what can be done by the ministry under the Ninth Malaysia Plan. I want the ministry, staff to know how important the plan is and their role in ensuring its success," he added

Addressing the gathering earlier, Radzi said 'When we make decisions, think of our parents, especially our mother. Make decisions that reflect the good advice given by your mother. Then, I am sure you will make good and sound decisions."

He reminded them on the importance of being honest and having integrity, as well as of their pledge to fight corruption and to work as a team to serve th, public and the country better.

How To Apply For Wargagaemas Card for Rapid KL bus

Seniors, 60years and bove, must apply for the pass if they want to use the service at a discounted rate

A processing fee of RM3 will be levied.

Bring along two passport size Photographs

Fill up personal details in form provided.

With the pass seniors are eligible to purchase a Concession Monthly Travel Card (MTC) at only RM40, which is valid for unlimited travel on Rapid KL bus and feeder bus system.

Application can be made at:
Stesen Bas Pasarama Kota Lower Floor,
Klang Bus Station
(Tel: 2072 4237)

Malaysia Trasit (KL)
Railway link map
KL shuttle link map

Sunday, February 12, 2006

the leaning clock tower of Teluk Intan

the leaning clock tower of Teluk Intan at Perak Ipoh

somebody used to live here..

somebody used to live here..
somebody used to live here..,
originally uploaded by Im.H.
this is the ruined of William Kellies first house. it was build on 1909/1910 and it was modellled from the Sultan Abdul Samad Building the 'castle' was build as an extension to this house.

This Building located at Perak

old ruins

old ruins
old ruins,
originally uploaded by Im.H.
Kellie's Castle
Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia

Kellie's Castle

Kellie's Castle
Kellie's Castle,
originally uploaded by Im.H.
Kellie's Castle

the old stairs lead to the garden...

Located at perak

Kellie's Castle

Kellie's Castle
Kellie's Castle,
originally uploaded by Im.H.

Kellie's Castle
Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia

Kellie's Castle

Kellie's Castle
Kellie's Castle,
originally uploaded by Im.H.
Kellie's Castle Located in Perak

According to the story, William Kellie Smith, the owner, wanted to build the tower high enough until he can see the town of Ipoh. if this tower was ever completed, it would probably be 7 storeys high.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006

One of the world's biggest Thaipusam celebrations

One of the world's biggest Thaipusam celebrations, amazingly, isn't in india, but in Malaysia. Come to the Batu Caves Temple during Thaipusam, and you'll withness 1.2 million people rejoicing. The celebrations start in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown where the magnificent chariot of Lord Muruga emerges from the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple and travels in a colourful procession 13 kilometres to the Batu Caves Temple. Throught the procession, you will see entranced devotees carrying kavadis with hooks and skewers impaling their bodies, tongues and cheeks in thanksgiving to Lord Muruga. There will also be thousands of drummers, chanting pilgrims, even volunteers who will offer you free vegetarian food and drinks. Uniformed officers and first aid personnel will be there to ensure your safety. Upon reaching the towering limestone cliffs and the world's tallest statue of Lord Muruga, devotees go up a 272-step staircase into massive caves. The most extraordinary thing? They feel absolutely no pain.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Malaysia is touted as "one of the most respectful countries in Asia which practises sustainable forest management"

Malaysia is touted as "one of the most respectful countries in Asia which practises sustainable forest management" when it comes to the international timber trade.
Among the many timber exporters found on the Internet is Simpoh Wood Industries based in Terengganu.
Species such as Balau, Merbau, Kapur and Keruing Apitong are the most popular ones.
"In addition, Simpoh also introduces other species of tropical hard wood, such as Kekatong, Keranji, Acasia, and other Malaysian hard woods.
Chengal is listed among the 10 types of "Heavy Hardwoods" in their website,

General Description: Sapwood is well defined. When freshly sawn;
colour, weathering ultimately to a dark tan brown.
Wood is moderately lustrous and has prominent ripple marks. The grain is interlocked giving rise to stripe figure: texture is moderately fine and even. Resin canals with white contents occur characteristically in concentric lines on end surface but the wood is not resinous.

Principal Uses: Chengal used to be the standard timber for heavy construction, bridges, railway sleepers, sawn power line posts, boat building, heavy flooring, motor lorryand truck body work, rubber coagulating tanks and many other uses where great strength and durability
are required.

It should make good beer vats, dyeing vats, wine casks, tubs, butter churns, etc.
However, the timber is in short supply and is uneconomical for many uses. Balau, Giam and Resak are good substitutes for Chengal.

Veneering : Has not been tried.

10 Bald Man in Cheras Kajang

There has been widespread public indination over the action by kajang police to shave bald 10 senoir citizens caught playing mahjong on the second day of the Chinese New Year

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kepong Viaduct MRR2 Now Close

The Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) viaduct in Kepong, which was found to have cracks, will be closed for repair works from 10.30am today. It will be closed for about three to four months.

It will be closed for repair, waterproofing and reinforced steel strengthening works

The repair work would begin on Tuesday. The MRR2 viaduct at Kepong, stretching 1.7 km, was previously closed from Aug 8 until November last year.

The repair works include steel bracing as recommended by the engineering consultants
to the ministry.

We will also install rectangular steel braces to support the pillars for the viaduct

At present, only four of the six lanes are open to traffic as the other two lanes are closed for repairs.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Special touch adds appeal to the ao dai

A model in a modern ao dai in beautiful blue.

The Traditional costume of Vietnamese women, the ao dai, is an elegant costume.

The Traditional ao dai is a long - sleeved, tight fitting blouse that flares at the waist line, with slits running down on both sides.

Worn with long comfortable pants, the ao dai has been modernised by fashion designers seeking ton introduce fresh features into the dress

The Sumatran Rhinos are an important part of Malaysian Heritage

Less than 300 Sumatran Rhinos left in the world.
Due to poaching and excessive logging, the Sumatran Rhino population has rapidly has rapidly declined over the past 15 years. There are now less than 300 Sumatran Rhinos left in the world with Malaysia and Indonesia being the only significant range states. Efforts to breed them in captivity have so far been unsuccessful.

The Sumtran Rhinos are an important part of Malaysian Heritage.
Majority of the Sumatran Rhino population is located in Malaysia. Being the world's most endangered Rhino species and also the world's smallest rhino species, the Sumatran Rhinos are only part of Malaysian heritage but is also part of the global wildlife community.

Help us save the Sumatran Rhino by saying NO to Rhino by-products.

'Save Our Sumatran Rhinos' is a nationwide community project initiated by Honda Malaysia and WWWF-Malaysia with the support from Sabah Wildlife Department, Sabah Forestry Department, Sabah Parks, Sabah Foundation and Perhilitan.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Shah Alam City Centre - Growing bigger by the day

KOMPLEKS -PKNS, Plaza Perangsang, Alam Sentral, Wisma MBSA, SACC these areamong the names that make up the landmarks in Section 14, Shah Alam.

Located just a stone's throw away from the State Secretariat Building(SUK), the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque and state police headquarters, Section 14 is a popular
place, even after dusk.

When Shah Alam came to be about three decades ago, its developer, the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) had made Section 14 the capital city's main business centre. The other popular place is Section 12.

Section 14 has gone through numerous changes over the years.
"Not too long ago, Kompleks PKNS was the only landmark in Shah Alam," said Norian Adnan, who operates a hair salon in Kompleks PKNS.

"Most of the people simply go straight home after office hours," she said, adding that the area was rather quiet when she first set up her salon in the building 20 years ago.

The only access road to the city, she said, was through FederalHighway, which connected Shah Alam to Klang and Kuala Lumpur.

The rest of Shah Alam was still a jungle," said Shaiful Anuar Mohd Taib, a retiree and resident of Section 2 that borders Section 14

"People just didn't buy houses in Shah Alam then," he said.
The scenario has changed.

With more high-rise buildings came more people and businesses.

Eateries open late into the night and some go on for 24 hours a day.

Housing estates have mushroomed in surrounding sections such as 6, 7, 9
and 11. And so did institutes of higher learning and colleges such as
Universiti Teknology Mara (UiTM).

The students are the reason why Shah Alam is booming even further.

Though there are no cinemas or karaoke lounges in the city centre, the young sters find other means of entertainment.

For instance, on weekends, they gather at Dataran Shah Alam to show off what latest gadgets and sound systems they have in their cars.

"I don't have a car, but I like to watch those who have bring theirs to show to others," said
college student ^hmad Fareez lsmail.

"They spent so much on their cars that sometimes the accessories cost more than the vehicle itself."

Ahmad Fareez said sometimes he and his college mates would gather at the square for cultural shows and concerts by local artistes.

"We go to Klang or Subang Jaya when we want to see a movie," he said.

Unlike other earlier towns in Selangor, Shah Alam is a planned city. Development is carried out in stages and is kept according to the original blueprint.

There are no cluster of buildings concen trated in just one part of the city, nor are the traffic congestions during peak hours bad like in other roads in Selangor.

"It is a homely city," said Necia AbduUah who works in the city centre.
"It's a nice place to raise a family," she said, adding that she hoped that Shah Alam would
remain the way it was and not go the way many townships and cities had in recent times.

Developed in the early 1970s, Section 2 and Section 1 (the latter where UiTM is located) are inseparable with Section 14. The three sections complement each other and has helped spur Shah Alam's progress.

It is no wonder then that shopping malls have become common sights in the capital city. Among them are the PKNS complex, Alam Sentral and SACC.

About Shah Alam
History of Shah Alam
Shah Alam Location
Shah Alam Industry
Tour at Shah Alam
Shah Alam Map

Monday, January 02, 2006

Kuala Lumpur Maps collection

Click The image for bigger view.

Jalan Bukit Bintang Street map
Jalan Alor Street map, Tingkat Tong Shin map
Jalan Tong Shin map, Jala pudu map
Cangkat Bukit Bintang map, Jalan Berangan map
Jalan Sultan Ismail map, Jalan Raja Chulan map
Jalan Nagasari map, Changkat Raja Chulan map
Jalan Ceylon map, Persiaran Raja Chulan
Jalan Tun Perak

Interesting Place to Visit
Weld , KL tower, China Town, KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)

Hotel to Stay a nigh
Istana Hotel, Radius International Hotel

Look for more Kuala Lumpur Map please log on at