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Monday, March 27, 2006

"Second Home" under tourism

PUTRAJAYA: the Tourism Ministry will take charge of the 'Malaysia, My Second Home" Programme from April. It is cunently under the Home Ministry.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said the Cabinet made the decision recently.

However, he added, his ministry would still be involved in the programme, through visa applications as well as other immigration procedures and enforcement.

The Tourism Ministry will carry out the promotions for the Programme as well as vet applications.

"This is a Successful programme and we look forward to having more foreigners choosing Malaysia is their second home," he told reporters yesterday after a meeting with his ministry staff and senior officials. his fisrt since becoming the minister on Feb 14.

Radzi said about 8,000 foreigners had signed up for the programme since its inception in 2002.

On his new appointment, Radzi said he needed some time to look into matters under his ministry, adding that his focus ,would be on immigration and immigrant matters.

“I will meet my officers to discuss what can be done by the ministry under the Ninth Malaysia Plan. I want the ministry, staff to know how important the plan is and their role in ensuring its success," he added

Addressing the gathering earlier, Radzi said 'When we make decisions, think of our parents, especially our mother. Make decisions that reflect the good advice given by your mother. Then, I am sure you will make good and sound decisions."

He reminded them on the importance of being honest and having integrity, as well as of their pledge to fight corruption and to work as a team to serve th, public and the country better.

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Julie said...

When the government starts looking into immigrations problems and makes a programme to organize it you have to be happy on the one hand because something is being done on the matter, and sad on the other hand, because it means some people will have issues because of their immigrant status. I travelled to Argentina, last year, and had an apartment rental in Buenos Aires. I realized they have several immigration problems with Peru, yet people is happy and live their lives in peace. That is what makes a country beautiful!