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Sunday, April 27, 2008

TV ads tell us that Kelantan is the poorest state

Big Clock Tower Roundabout

KB mall in Kelantan

Kelantan Air Port

Mini clock tower

The Imposing KB Giant Gate

Pelangi Mall


How do think about Kelantan?


drexar said...

I think Kelantan is a great state.. I just came back from Kota Bharu last week. So much places I can go and there are variety of foods there.. It is very cruel to say Kelantan is the poorest state

Rohaza said...

..did you know who control the TV and all major newspaper in malaysia? i am not surprising if they said that Kelantan is a poor states. as a pure kelantanese, i am proudly to invite all people all around the world visiting kelantan and check it out whether this state can be categorized as poor state or otherwise.

kelantan is no different with other state at all, in fact other state is poor than kelantan.

i love stayin in kelantan because i feel so safe there compared in KL.

so i suggest those who like to say about the weaknesses of kelantan, better look and feel first, then talk!


NAZA said...

nice place.
good info