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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Need to Purchase Persona ? - My Advise !!

I love malaysia, I am very support Malaysia. Especially those products make in Malaysia.

So I decide to buy Malaysia Car "Persona".

I buy this car about two month ago.

A lot of
adversity happen on my car. like car Crash

One day i am drive my car on the highway. suddenly one Small stones hit on my car front mirror.

My Car front mirror crack immediately.

One Month later, I drive my car on the road.

Unfortunately, another small stone hit on my car again, this time another crack hole on my car front mirror.

Now I get Two Star On My Mirror Screen

I used to drive the Proton Wira, but every time hit by the small stone, the mirror would not easy to crack.

How come The Proton Persona's mirror easy to crack?

For My advise, If you decide to purchase a new proton persona car, remember buy the car mirror insurance.

P/S: Persona is
apt to rust

1 comment:

Michael said...

Malaysia is one place which definitely fascinates me for a vacation and I was looking to get some information on this place. Looking for a Holiday home for the same. But its not a bad idea at all to get a vehicle like this to travel places.