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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bamboo towel - Thalgo

Bamboo towel
THALGO is not just about enhancing and preserving your health and beauty, the brand is also about making Mother Nature happy.

And for that reason, Thalgo is proud to present its customers with a luxurious set of
towels made from I00% natural, pesticidefree bamboo!

These fashionable, super-soft towels have an extraordinary thirst for water and are four
times more absorbent than classic cotton.

Bamboo towels stay fresh all the time because they dry up quickly and hence discourage the growth of fungus and bacteria.

Thee towels are ideal for hygienic daily use. Bamboo towels are also kind to newborns' young and tender skit

Besides that. they are also guaranteed colsur wash-proof up to 60C.

Experience an eco-friendly bath and enjoy the comforts of pure nature, day after day
with bamboo towels, brought to you proudly by Thalge Cosmetic S.E.A. Sdn Bhd. This
offer starts from April Ist till 30th at all Thalgo outlets nationwide.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Quick facts about tourist spot at Pulau Ketam

a) The floating fish farm - Most popular tourist post at Pulau Ketam. Special briefing conducted by Greenway tour guide enable tourists to enchance their knowlegde about fishes reared in the fish farm. Chalets are also available for a night's stay of fishing.

b) Chinese temples - Most of the residents of Pulau Ketam are Chinese; therefore, you can find many temples here. For exmaple, Nang Thiam Keng Temple and Hock Leng Keng Temple.

c) Boat Builder - One of traditional industry in Pulau Ketam, the whole process is done by manually without any help of computer or high - tech. It cost > $100,000 < and take 1-2 months to setting up.

d) The First Bridge - There are 11 bridge in Pulau Ketam. This bridge is a most important bridge at Pulau Ketam becuase it link up 2 area, Town centre and Bagan Teochew.

e) The Native's Village - Population around 30 people, all of them are fisherman.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Be Careful when you in Malaysia Highway - Someones watching you

Be happy when you drive your car "Balik Kampung" , but becareful someones always watching you along the way. Guess who is it?