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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kite fest returning to Bintulu

Kite fest returning to Bintulu
More local participants expected to sign up for event in August


INTRODUCED in 2005, the successful Borneo International Kite Festival has put Sarawak on the world map.

Organised by the Bintulu Development Authority (BDA), the event is held annually at the town's old airport.

Hundreds of participants, locals and foreigners alike, have been showing their skills and talent by flying beautiful kites with the Bintulu
skyline as its backdrop.

Apart from the local and international competitions, visitors were also treated to traditional kite making workshops hosted by experts.

Last year, a remarkable feat was achieved by the participants when a total of 1,655 ki~es were flown simul- taneously for 20 minutes.

This spectacular aerial display was an attempt to enter the Malaysia Book Of Records with an initial target set at 1,500 kites.

Held for its fifth consecutive year, the Borneo International Kite Festival will be held from Aug 2-9.

More local participants are expected to sign up this year as the organisers has started laying ground work and kicking off the event's publicity campaign.

Last year, some 105 participants from 13 countries took part.

The BDA is hoping to receive a higher number of part!cipants this year despite the current economic slowdown.

Indonesia had the largest contingent of 35 participants last year. Other international participants were from China, Japan, Singapore, India, Australia, France, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Brunei, Philippines and Thailand.

The kite festival also serves as a meeting point for enthusiasts and competitors from all over the world where knowledge on the hobby is shared.

On the local front, the event is also to promote and preserve Malaysia's traditional kite, the wau.

the lush greenery of the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

Up close with nature
THE Green Fest, The star's annual event to mark world Environment Day, returns to the lush greenery of the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) this year.
And like in previous years' events, visitors can get the chance to revel in nature plus learn about ways to conserve the environment.

These are some of the activities lined for the event on June 7 2009.
* Philips Malaysia will offer tips on energy conservation and give you an energy-saving light bulb in exchange for your old one.
* Get to know the conservation work of the Worldwide Fund for Nature and the Malaysian Nature Society. You can support their efforts by signing up as members or giving a donation. WWWF will also be collecting signatures for its turtle conservation campaign.
* Learn about the research work of FRIM scientists on forests as well as wild flora and fauna.
* Kids can sign up for the Kuntum colouring competition, join the T-shirt painting event or have their faces painted.
* Try making music from all kinds of everyday implements, with help from members of the Drum Circle.
* Join the guided walk along one of the many jungle trails found in FRIM, to get a real close look at the many wonders found in the forest.
* For a bird's eye view of the forest, go on the canopy walk. This 20Ore-long suspension bridge brings you up to the tree tops for a superb view of tree canopies and the city skyline.
* Permanis will give away a bottle of Revive to the first 200 people who bring in recyclables.
* Sampling and redemption of Marigold drinks.
* Entertainment will be provided by TV3 and Suria FM.

* The Green gest is sponsored by Bonuslink and Philips Malaysia.

Korea's Break Out troupe wow Kuala Lumpur audiences and leave them in stitches.

Korea's Break Out troupe wow Kuala Lumpur audiences and leave them in stitches.

AFTER WEEKS of anticipation, Break Out finally stormed into Malaysia for a hugely successful debut. The Korean extreme dance comedy theatre staged four shows over the weekend to enormously appreciative audiences at Dewan San Choon, Wisma MCA in Kuala Lumpur.

Created by Yegam and Sevensense, Break Out is directed by Jeon Jun-Beom and tells of five jail- breakers who yearn for a taste of freedom when an ancient sacred text falls from the sky into their midst. The magical book has mysterious powers that cause everyone in its vicinity to break into dance or launch into inspired beatboxing.

The 75-minute action-adventure, which boasts Korea's leading B-boys from international award-winning crews, impressed with top-notch B-boy skills.

I had the good fortune of watching Break Out in Seoul three weeks ago, courtesy of the Korean Tourism Organisation. And what can I say?
My first taste of the high-energy performance had me completely hooked. After the show ended, I wished I could hit a replay button somewhere so I could watch it all over again.

Although the show in Kuala Lumpur had a slightly modified set of props and a completely different set of performers, l'm glad to report I enjoyed the show just as much.

The Kuala Lumpur stage was barely able to contain the quirky characters as they went about trying to break out of prison. The fun factor was raised further as the action often spilled off-stage and involved some hilarious audience participation.

The set design is truly ingenious for the production has but a single prop, which is innovatively designed to be a life-size pop-up book. With the turn of every gigantic page, the audience is taken through the different stages of the jailbreakers' madcap escapade starting with their rip-roaring break out from prison through cut-away tunnels to a boisterous hospital and then a comical convent.

Highlights of the show include the side-splitting tunnelling episode, where the performers had tiny puppet versions of themselves strapped to their heads as they made their way through the narrow mute.

In hot pursuit of the five jailbreakers - old man Gray, brawny Lump, silly Joker, perverted Tricky, ladies' man Dandy- were prison warden Gundog and special agent SWAT.

The B-boys who performed in Kuala Lumpur were Kim Yong-Nam (Lump), Son Hyuk (Gray), Cho Min- Chul (Dandy), Han Chul-Hee (-Tricky), An Yong-Chan (Joker), Park Jae-Hong (Gundog) and No Seung-Min (SWAT). Three beautiful women played by B-girls Kim Jin-Hee, JangJi-Hee and Son Sun-A, portrayed a trio of wardens, cops, nurses and nuns.

Young children were heard giggling non-stop during the dance troupe's amusing antics, throughout the family-friendly show while B- boy fans were constantly cheering to their every spin, flip, roll, glide, pike, flare, halo and freeze.

Break Out struck a delightful balance between extreme dance and slapstick comedy wowing the audience with superb comic timing as well as lively acrobatics. Add to that some very infectious beat-boxing and a heart-thumping score, and the troupe had the audience completely won over.

Along with Nanta (kitchen percussion comedy) and Jump (extreme martial arts comedy), Break Out (extreme dance comedy) is the latest must watch for fans of Korea's non-verbal performances.

A roar of approval erupted as the 10 performers took their curtain call, but the show was yet to end as the exuberant audience immediately launched into chants for an encore. Lump (Kim) and SWAT (No) emerged with a round of brilliant beat-boxing before the rest of the troupe joined them on stage with another frenzied round of breaking. * Organised by Korea Tourism Organisation, the Break Out charity performances are managed by events management company GF~, presented by Korea Sparkling and sponsored by LG. The show has the support of the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture Malaysia, the Venang government, the Malaysian Association of Hotels and the South Korean Embassy. Media partners include Star Publications (M) Bhd, 8TV and One FM. Following the four shows in Kuala Lumpur last weekend, Break Out will stage another two charity perform- ances in Penang at Dewan Sri Vinang tomorrow (May 27) and Thursday (May 28) at 8.30pro. Net proceeds of the Kuala Lumpur shows were donated to the LG Cleft Lip Project and those of the Penang shows will be channelled to D'Home Mental Health Association. Tickets are priced at RM63 and RM93 and available at authorised Axcess outlets or via their hotline (03- 7711 500) as well as G Hotel (Gurney Drive, Penang) and Dewan Sri Pinang (before showtime) or via Asthy Tan (017-606 6788). Four 42" LG television sets were given away to lucky ticket-holders at the Kuala Lumpur shows, with another two sets up for grabs at the remaining charity performances.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

No more fireflies in six months?



loss of sanctuaries and tourist spots By CHRISTINA TAN

SHAH ALAM: The entire firefly population in Kampung Kuantan and Kampung Bukit Belimbing in Kuala Selangor is facing wipe-out in six months.

"All the fireflies there will be gone for good by the end of this year if no measures are taken to protect them," said Selangor Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment Committee chairman Elizabeth Wong.

The Selangor Government had issued a stop-work order for all activities in firefly sanctuaries along Sungai Selangor yesterday, she said.

She said the decline of the firefly colonies in the two popular tourist spots was at a very serious stage, with half of them already disappeared.

"We have identified seven critical areas in the two villages where the firefly colonies in four spots are already gone," she said after the weekly exco meeting here yesterday.

Last month, The Star reported that the days of firefly watching would be over because of land clearing which has damaged the habitat.

Wong said that massive cutting of trees and improper development along the river were the main reasons the fireflies were dying.

Furthermore, some areas along the river bank had been turned into oil palm plantations, she said, adding that there were also factories and restaurants operating too close to the river.

"A total of 38ha of land along the river has also been cleared," she added.

Wong said the fireflies, whose lifespan is only three months, could not survive in such an environment where there was only polluted water.

She also said that there was no river reserve along the river and part of the land had been sold to individuals.

The state government, she said, would gazette the land along the 20km river into a buffer zone.
It had also identified 52 landowners along the river and would take over the land from them as soon as possible, she said.

Wong said that the state government would also start to replant trees such as sagu, berem- bang, nipah and rembau immediately to rebuild the habitat of the fireflies at the critical areas.

The state government was establishing a fund to get the private and public sectors involved in preserving the firefly sanctuaries.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dying Sungai Golok(kolok) wooing Malaysian tourists again

Sungai Golok: The problems in southern Thailand has taken a toll on this border town which has now become a ghost town awaiting an even painful end.

Once known for its vibrant nightlife, the sporadic bombings in Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala have made Sungai Kolok the last place Malaysians would want to visit.

However, district police chief Col Tangusat Wangsupa insisted that the town is safe for tourists.

"If you feel unsafe, I can arrange for one of my men to accompany you around the town any time of the day," he said during a goodwill visit by Malaysian journalists and Kelantan tourism representatives.

"I have my men at every corner of the street on a 24-hour basis.

"It is perfectly safe," he said, adding that visitors should not be intimidated by their presence.

Tangusat added that local tourism had almost come to a standstill because of the unrest.

The trip was organised by the Kelantan Tourism Action Council, led by its chairman Datuk Abdul Aziz Derashid.

It aimed at boosting both the Kelantan and Thai tourism sectors.

Sungai Golok was once popular with Malaysians who made up almost 9070 of the visitors.

A mere 45-minute drive from Kota Baru, this cowboy town was also a shopping haven which drew more Malaysians on weekends.

For shoe seller Siti Ratcheni Soma, 28, business has been so bad that she is thinking of doing something else.

"I see fewer and fewer people coming over here.

"The presence of the police and soldiers does not help at all." she added.

Noraini Hassan, a local resident, shared the sentiment. She hoped that Sungai Golok would return to its glory days of being the second Haadyai.

"Nowadays, you only see locals here. They are not big spenders like Malaysians," she said.

"If this goes on, I believe that this town will die before the year ends and all of us will suffer."

Narathiwat deputy governor Nipon Narapitakul said government agencies were making efforts to pull in the tourists to the provinces through a promotional blitz.

"We will woo our friends in Kelantan to come here.

"I assure them that it is safe to come here as the violence has gone down."

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Padang Chetty part of Klang's history

He says name change doesnot reflect well on the state govt
Story and photos by ELAN PERUMAL

FORMER national coach C. Paramalingam has rapped the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) for its plan to change the name of Padang Chetty to Laman Sukan Majlis Perbandaran Klang,

The 74-year-old hard-talking man said the field had been the training ground for numerous national hockey players who had made it to the Olympics and the World Cup.

Param said the idea of giving it a'new name did not reflect well on the state government.

"Historical treasures especially those from the pre-independence era must be retained as
a gift for the younger generation.

"Padang Chetty is part of the history of Klang and its name should not be changed," he said.

Recollecting the old days, Paramalingam, who is popularly known as Param, said he had personally trained, played and coached at the field.

Padang Chetty, he said, had hosted various hockey tournaments and leagues in the past.

"This field has a rich tradition for creating great players who represented the council, state and nation.

"Some of them have become coaches while others are still with the council," he said

He said Padang Chetty used to be the centre of activities for the town's youngsters who played hockey, football and cricket.

"The name Padang Chetty came about from the huge population of Chetties who stayed in the area.

"The Chetties who came from South Inclia used to carry out businesses not far from here," he said

According to him, Padang Chetty existed long before the Stadium Kota Raja (Padang Sultan Sulaiman) was built.

"I know teams and clubs are still holding their training sessions at the field," he said.

Klang Consumers Association president. A. Devadass also criticised the council for attempting to change the name of the field.

He said the council should be worrying about providing the best standard of service to the ratepayers instead of going about changing names of the streets and places.

"They are wasting their time doing crazy things like this," he said.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toast of the town in Kluang

When in Kluang, you don't have to go all the way to the Railway Station for a taste of its famous kopi, kaya toast and other signature items

“Do beh chia mea?” i was puzzled by this question on the litlte menu. After asking for a translation, I learned that it's Hokkien dialect for “What would you like to eat?"

My eager but silent reply was "everyihing". But I politely settled for a little of everything instead. It's hard to resist the classic kopi, kaya toast and every other specialty at Kluaog Rail Cafe, a new branch of the famous Kluang's Railway Station Coffee Shop that has been whipping up the goodies for 68 years!

Just Like The Rail Thing

It's obvious that "racial segregation" is unheard of here. Coffee shops such as this are still places where friends of every race swap stories or seal business deals over cups of coffee.

Chinese, Malay and Indian youths, office workers and families and even Europeans employed by multinational companies in Kluang and gatu Rahat are frequent patrons who appreciate the cafe's ambience and array of food. Some are such regulars that they order without looking at the menu.

Jack Lim, a fourth generation tim of Kluang's Railway Station Coffee Shop, has taken over a corner shop in Kluang new town, turning it into the "Toast Of the Town".

Its nostalgic railway theme and decor is keeping in line with the "rail tradition" of the original coffeeshop that operates at the Kluang Railway Station.

There are wooden tables, stools and plank waits with wire-net windows and lots of natural light, but in air-conditioned comfort. Pointing upwards, Jack proudly drew my attention to double railway tracks suspended from the ceiling!

As i lingered over my cup of aromatic Kluang Rail coffee, I watched Jack exchange greetings with familiar customers Two obviously good friends studying the menu and discussing choices, made a pretty picture of what it meant to be truly Malaysian. Heads close together, the Chinese lady's cudy head nodded in agreement with the Malay lady whose head was covered by a modest pink tudung!

The affable jack said: "People are just comfortable here, sitting and eating together." The right mix of trendy ambience, mouthwateriog menu and fair prices is clearly bringing people back for more.

What's Special

From toast and sandwiches to noodles and rice, there are choices of Eastern and Western favourites to suit every taste.

For me, roti khowJn (with kaffwin spelt the old way) was simply irresistible. Melting butter and kaya oozed out from charcoal-toasted slices of bread and buns, served in white and wholemeal choices. It's the perfect "marriage" of butter and kaya in a combination that titillates, bite alter bite.

Served on greaseproof paper, nasi lemak and mee siam were fond favourites while spity mee rebus and curry noodles looked equally yummy. I savoured Rail Sandwiches made of mantou (plain pau) filled with sardine, tuna or sambal ikan bilis with crispy cucumber and pungent ordon slices.

I was glad I saved some space for a superb sweet ending, a rich blend of creamy coffee with Milo and vanilla flavours in the cool Railway Float and a wedge of Rail Chocolam Brownie topped with vanilla ice-cream.

How To Get There

Kluaog Rail Cafe is located at No. 33, Jalan Mangeggis and open daily from 7am to 10pm. Closed on Mondays, You can reach Kluang either by rail or by road on the scenic route from Johor Baru or via the North-South Highway and exit at Air Hitam toll to Kluang town.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Volunteers take time off to spruce up Bukit Gasing

Weekend clean-up
Volunteers take time off to spruce up Bukit Gasing
THE heavy use of Bukit Gasing by hikers and visitors has caused deterioration of the forest.
"There are hundreds of people here, especially on weekends, and some people leave rubbish in the forest," Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) councillor Derek Fernandez said.
In an effort to clean up the forest, the MBPJ teamed up with groups like Friends of Bukit Gasing, the Hash House Harriers and students from the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Health Sciences Department to pick up the rubbish from the forest.
About 100 people turned up for the gotong-royong session on Saturday afternoon and the UiTM students even took the opportunity to collect data for their waste management research based on the rubbish collected.
Also present were Bukit Gasing assemblyman Edward Lee and several MBPJ councillors.
Entrance to the forest is free and Fernandez appealed to people who use the park to take care of it and to get together to clean it regularly.
"We may have to close the park for a few weeks to rehabilitate the forest if the situation gets worse.
"We're also hoping that the newly-appointed KL mayor Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail would also retain the KL side of Bukit Gasing as a green space for the people,,' he said.

Shah Alam's man-made lake and other facilities draw the crowd

A park in the city

Shah Alam's man-made lake and other facilities draw the crowd

WHEN it comes to parks and recreatlonal faclhtles, Shah Alam residents should consider themselves lucky as they have many of thesel

One such place is located in Alam Megah, Section 28. The park which was opened in 2003 is one of the largest recreational area in the capital city.

The RM4mil park is the second largest built by the Shah Alam City Council, after the Shah Alam Lake in Section 4.

Taman Alam Megah, which covers section 26 to 29 used to be an industrial area but now, the landscape has gone through a transformation with more terrace houses and higher end property being built in addition to the flats and apartments.

The recreational facility was created to meet the needs of the residents.
The land, previously vacant, has been turned into a man-made wetlands complete with a special underground water filter system to recycle the water.

The system was designed not only to clean the water but also to prevent the foul odour usually associated with man-made lakes.

The site is especially popular with families who like to take a stroll in the park.
"It is nice to come here, especially early in the morning or in the evening and the best part is that it is only a stone's throw away from my apartment," said Nuraini Ahmad.

The mother of three said she usually went to the park to unwind and have some quiet time in the morning after sending her three children off to school.
She admitted that she liked the water feature of the park most.
"Usually I would just sit on the rocks under the trees to read the newspaper or just relax.
"Sometimes I have my breakfast here on the gazebo," she said.
The place is usually crowded in the evening, especially after 5pm.
Some come to use the jogging track surrounding the park or play football.
Others come to enjoy the evening breeze at the gazebos.
There is also a restaurant operating at the premises and this keeps the place alive at night.
There are also plenty of activities for children and adults alike.
Besides the ordinary playground equipment, visitors can use the monkey bar or try the hanging bridge or balancing beam.
But keeping the park clean is indeed a mega task. The cleaners do not find it amusing when they have to clean up the litter left behind, especially on Mondays
after the big number of visitors during the weekend.
At times, the rubbish includes pebbles and even pieces of wood. This could damage the system designed for the wetlands.
Vandalism is also rampant.
"We conduct regular cleaning work at the park but visitors must help ensure that they do not litter and dispose of their garbage properly," said MBSA public relations officer Shahrin Ahmad.

the Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant at Nikko Hotel Kuala Lumpur is offering a romantic wine

Getting into the right mood

Indulge in a romantic Valentine dinner with your loved one

COME this Valentine's Day, the Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant at Nikko Hotel Kuala Lumpur is offering a romantic wine and dine experience especially for the love birds.

The five-course Valentine's Sparkling Wine Set Dinner has two menus, priced at RM138++ and RM188++ per person.

Menu 1 features the Cold Imperial Noodles with 'Bang Bang' Chicken and Green Vegetables, Double Boiled Chicken Soup in Whole Crystal Pear, Braised Whole Abalone with Winter Melon and Foie Gras or Stewed Duck Drumstick with Orange Glaze on Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Chilled Lemongrass Pudding with Banana.

Menu 2 features Chilled Baby Lobster with Tobiko Mayonnaise with Steamed Scallop Dumplings, Braised Superior Shark's Fin with Foie Gras and Truffles, Baked Cod with Oranges Glaze and Sesame Seeds or Wok Fried Beef Medallions with Supreme Chili Sauce and Vegetables and Chilled Passion Fruit Sorbet accompanied by Mini Bird's Nest Tart.

The set menus comes with a bottle of sparkling wine and a stalk of rose.
A box of chocolate pralines is onlyavailable with the RM188++ set menu.
Chinese chef Chan Chong Yan said the menu featured a fusion of the Chinese, Japanese and western elements.

"What I mean by fusion is the Double Boiled Chicken Soup in Whole Crystal Pear that is Chinese while the Braised Whole Abalone with Winter Melon and Foie Gras is mixed with a bit of western.

"The original sauce should be oyster, instead we used foie gras.

"The menus offer meat, fish and seafood to suit the need of everyone.

"When you go to certain places, they would only offer one type of meat but we are giving a variety.

"Our menus not only offer Asian flavour but it comes with a bit of the western touch.

"Even the Chilled Lemongrass Pudding with Banana dessert is prepared with special attention, where-by you have the fragrance of the lemongrass but it is not too strong," he said.
Chan said the menus were prepared to suit the taste and mood of the Valentine's Day.

Nikko is also offering the 'Love in Motion' package that includes an overnight accommodation at the Royal Suite for RM23,000++.

The package comes with a speciallyorchestrated candlelight dinner for two on the balcony on Level 26 with a solo violinist, a bouquet of 100 stalks of red roses, a bottle of sparklingchampagne and a pampering session for two at The Sompoton Spa.
It is only valid on Feb 14 and subject to availability. For reservation call 03-2782 6330 or email reservation@hotel-nikko.corn my.

On Feb 13 and 14, the Benkay Japanese Restaurant is also offering 'Anata ga suki' Valentine's Day Set Dinner.

The offer features Soft-boiled Egg Jelly topped with Sea Urchin, Assorted Sashimi, Deep-fried Eel Fist, Simmered Angelfish Liver with Radish and Grilled Wagyu Beef 'Toban' Style and Sweet Green Tea Ice-cream priced at RM150++ per person.
For reservation, call 03-2782 6118.

the perfect opportunity to indulge your loved one with an intimate dining experience


AVANTI Italian-American Ristorante at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa unravels the perfect opportunity to indulge your loved one with an intimate dining experience epitomising love and culinary pleasure this Valentine's Day February 14 2009.

Presenting a sumptuous five-course dinner menu with wine pairings, Chef Shan, the restaurant's chef at the helm, whets appetites with an exquisite line-up of contemporary Italian cuisine.
Chef Shan draws on his culinary finesse and imaginative skills in working with ingredients that supposedly invoke passion for the occasion. As a start, tuck into

Lobster Panna Cotta and Green Asparagus drizzled with Macadamia Nougatine Dressing. This is followed by deliciously flavoursome Goat Cheese Barolo Risotto served with Slow Oven-Baked Bosc Pear. Preceding the main course thereafter, is Balsamic, Berry and Vanilla Bean Ripple Granite with Hazelnut

Dukkah. Balsamic Vinegar cleverly brings out the flavour of berry fruit, further enhanced by the taste of vanilla bean.

Main course is a mouth-watering choice of either Broiled Blue-Eyed Cod with Chanterelle Crust, Creamy Leek and Champagne Sauce or Beef Tenderloin gratinated with Castelluccio Lentils, Rosemary-Scented Pumpkin Polenta and Merlot Sauce.

Both selections of main course are equally scrumptious and ensure a thoroughly satisfying meal.
To culminate the meal, creamy, custard-like white chocolate and yoghurt soup with caramel is served with a dollop of sesame ice cream for interesting contrasts that end on a sweet note. The ravishing meal is rounded off with coffee or tea and chocolares to warm the heart.
Be charmed this Valentine's at Avanti on Feb 14 from 6,30 pm to 10.30 pro. The dinner menu is priced at RM 400++ per couple, inclusive of a box of chocolates for him and a stalk of rose for her.

Then whisk your Valentine away to The Villas at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for a celebration of romance and inspiration. Minutes from the city, this sanctuary of privacy and indulgence is accentuated by a synthesis of romantic diversions to cap off the occasion.

Applicable for stays on Feb 13 or 14 at only RM 1,288++ per couple per night, The Villas' Valentine's package encompasses a 2D!N stay at a private villa, inclusive of chilled welcome drinks, cold towels and an enticing assorted fruit platter on arrival.

Exotic evening cocktails at The Pavillion - a private enclave exclusively for guests of The Villas - and a dreamy three-course.candlelight dinner by the prwate villa plunge pool along with a complimentary bottle of champagne, follow suit.

Wake up to a veritable breakfast buffet at The Pavillion the next morning.
Cap off the romantic escape with a 50-minute Balinese Massage or Pure Nature Facial spa treatment for two at the Resort's award-winning

Mandara Spa.
Be charmed at The Villas for it conjures up the kind of romantic interlude that anyone would dream of in a world of laid-back tropical luxury.

The Villas is reserved for adults and welcomes guests 12 years and above.
For reservations at Avanti Italian-American Ristorante, contact 03-7492 8000 extn.3176. To book your romantic hideaway at The Villas, call

03-7495 1646 or email Alternatively, visit

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grilled to perfection


NOTHING compares to the taste of grass-fed beef that can transport you to the Argentinian Pampas With just one bite. The Gaucho Grill, located along Jalan Raja Chulan, is hard to miss. Just look out for its big black and red lifesize cow dummy at the entrance.

At Gaucho Grill, steaks are cooked open fire style. This style of cooking ensures that the meat is crispy on the outside while cooked to perfection according to your degree of preference on the inside.

Grass-fed Argentinian beef known for its flavour and tenderness, popular ingredients and sauces coupled with a distinctive style of cooking are among the ingredients that make up the outlet's success.

For non-steak lovers, there are other options, such as lamb rack or seafood pasta, among others. All main courses come with a salda and soup.

For sweet endings, the restaurant offers a variety of desserts such as Choc Madeleine, a warm, moist chocolate and fudge with macademia nut ice-cream.

Look out for the Set Lunch set at RM28**, which include Ice Lemon Tea, soup and salad.

If you happen to be around the Golden Triangle, please do drop by the chain's other Argentinian steak house- the Maredo's located at Jalan P Ramlee.

*Gaucho Grill is located at Lot B5, Chulan Square, 92 Jalan Raja Chulan, KL. Tel no: 03-2145 4268 or 012-337 3935. Business hours are from 12 noon to 3pm for lunch and 6:30pm to Ilpm for dinner. Gaucho Grill is a pork-free restaurant.