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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Catherine Yee Yean San

Catherine Yee Yean San (余豔姗) is 22-year-old (2010), Yee, who was schooled in Malaysia up to Form Five, is fluent only in Mandarin. While she understands Cantonese and Hokkien, she prefers to converse in Mandarin – her mother tongue.

With a Chinese name, her striking looks and mixed parentage are always a source of curiosity among people. But Yee readily addresses the subject when asked about it.

Catherine Yee Yean San steps on stage to belt out a Hokkien number, people will be captivated not only by her singing and dance moves but her comely appearance and Indian looks as well.

Although it isn’t unusual to find Indians singing in Hokkien (like the Muar-born recording artiste Xiaohei – real name Raju Kumara Suppiah – who sings in Hokkien and Mandarin), Yee still attracts a lot of attention whenever she performs as she is also a skilful dancer who choreographs her own shows. Her penchant for colourful, sexy attire, too, renders her quite a sight on stage.