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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Tips for dog owners

  1. Train your dog either on your own or in a professional training class
  2. Train your dog twice a day for 10 mins each time
  3. Allocate time to spend with your dog so they do not feel lonely
  4. Spay your dog (Helps to reduce the number of stray dogs roaming the street).
  5. Dogs must never be allowed outside your compound without a leash, accompany your dog on their walk.
  6. Pick up after your dog on their walk.
  7. Pick up after your dog, train them to defecate at appropriate areas
  8. Do not tie them up all day, train them to behave inside and outside your home.
  9. Do not hit your dog. This will only cause fear or resentment for the owner.
  10. Use voice corrections or positive reinforcements
  11. Remember to reward your dog when they do something right. Simple pat, hug, toy or treat will do.

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